School Clock

About 35 years ago, my father made a school clock from an Emperor Clock Kit. The clock was stolen and never recovered but by this time, the company no longer made the kit.

This is one of two clocks I made to replace it. All the wood parts were made from scratch from the same black walnut as the original and plans made from photographs.

ApplianceStand1The parts before final assembly.

Computer Desks

We bought two identical computer desks for the children several years ago, the usual chipboard affairs. When they wore out, I made two identical replacements from cherry solids and maple plywood.

Here Bob the Minion is demonstrating the newly installed desk. The chair was also replaced after the photograph was taken.

The desk frame is made with mortise and tennon joinery.
The side frame sub assemblies.
Final assembly of one desk frame. The computer sits on the two stretchers at the back. This keeps the case off the floor without getting in the way of feet allowing for a very compact floorprint.
Finishing the frame in satin finish poly. By far the best finish for children's furniture.

Appliance Stand

I made this stand to house the small appliances in the kitchen. It is open so they are always easy to get at and the middle shelf comes out on full extension slides. The wood is Brazillian mahoghany with maple ply to tie in with the kitchen cabinets.

The main distinctive feature of the piece is that the joinery is quite massive. The main legs are twice as thick as the 3/4 inch wood commercial pieces would use and it is built to the exact size of the space with no waste.

The stand after finishing and fitting the top.
The drawer is supported by full extension slides. I ignored the silly instructions from the manufacturer about clearances.
Fitting the stand to the wall to prevent it tipping over when fully loaded. the backer is screwed into the studs along the length.